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Non-Contact Multi-symptom
Screening. Simple.
Learning. Affordable.


WellnessDetector™ is a connected, no-contact vital systems screening service which uses multi-sensor, patented and patent-pending algorithms to provide accurate “wellness” readings including temperature, respiratory and heart waveforms.

All of the unidentifiable data is fed to the HIPAA Compliant WellnessOS™ Cloud dashboard for management, reporting, and advanced ML and AI for comparative and predictive analytics.

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Dr. Chris L. Landon MD

Ventura County Medical Center

ACES Aware Ventura County

"I have always been an "early adopter" of technology. Most of the time it takes my staff a while to catch up - like three decades and a pandemic to understand the value of telemedicine. The introduction of the WellnessDetector met with the usual suspicion. Within days the "place your face in the image temperature takers" were put off to the side, the temperature "guns" no longer aimed at heads. Visiting physicians all wanted to know how to get one for their offices. And most importantly how to get their kids back to sports, to concerts, to social events, and out of the house!"

Jeff Bowman COO

Cupertino Union School District

“We’re currently using the WellnessDetector in our faculty lounges and nurse’s offices.  Knowing our faculty are safe is our first line of defense, and having the ability to quickly and accurately screen others automatically without our nurse being involved helps keep our staff, including the nurse, safe.  Having the data for the entire school through the WellnessOS allows us to quickly respond to any potential outbreak, which I think would give parents peace of mind as well.”

“Even with new COVID-19 cases declining, we have continued to improve our office protocols, including patient screening.  Using staff to take temperatures made both staff and patients uncomfortable. The WellnessDetector’s automated and accurate screenings allows everyone to feel safe in my office, and I like that I have a record of all screenings in case I need them, again without involving staff to write everything down.  Our patients appreciate it also and look forward to that green light reward of a healthy screen.”

Dr. Erik N. Bakke DC

Somersworth Chiropractic Center

Dr. Karen Cun DDS

Artisan Family Dental

"When the pandemic hit, my office had no alternative but to use handheld thermometers to measure patients' temperatures.  This meant that we had to get uncomfortably close to potentially infected individuals. And sometimes we would get obviously incorrect results. I feel so much better now that WellnessDetectors give us a way to accurately assess a patients' state of "wellness" from a safe distance. I couldn't be happier with how comfortable the WellnessDetector is making us and, more importantly, our patients feel." 

Dr. Liza A. King DMD

King & Carroll Family Dentistry

“In order to re-open our business during the pandemic, we were required to measure our patient’s temperatures.  Initially we tried handheld thermometers – our team felt unsafe, and they didn’t work once it got cold in New England.  Once we deployed the WellnessDetectorTM, we were able to automatically and accurately scan patients, and at a safe distance.  The entire team felt safe, and our patients do as well.”

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