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Digital Technology

Royal Greyhound Digital Technology group delivers end-to-end solutions looking to inspire and accelerate growth for our clients.  Our areas of expertise include:


  • Health screening. Helping enterprises manage the wellness of their personnel by deploying solutions to measure, analyse and predict abnormalities. We have integrated thermal couplers and Doppler reading augmented radar enabling us to measure core temperature, heart rates and breathing rates. This is the first line of defence against the challenges to the health and well-being of our most valuable asset - people.

  • Communication. We connect people and strengthen relationships. Our approach is to create a flexible communication platform based on Progressive Web Application ("PWA") tools.

  • Logistics Manpower Manager.  A flexible PWA product to manage manpower rosters, gang lists, real time productivity tools and HR support functions. 

  • Customer Relationship Management ("CRM"). The central pillar of revenue streams. Customer segmentation and insight. Customer value proposition and loyalty. Advertising effectiveness.

  • Artificial Intelligence ("AI") and deep Machine Learning ("ML"). Using constant monitoring and data collection we have created AI algorithms and deep ML to predict abnormalities so that appropriate cost effective measures can be taken to manage risk and challenges we face today.

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