Digital Technology

Royal Greyhound Digital Technology group looks to deliver end-to-end solutions looking to inspire and accelerate growth for our clients.  Our areas of expertise include:


  • Commerce. Helping retailers extend their commerce connection. E-Commerce has no boundaries. Our approach starts with a consultancy process to establish and where necessary re-calibrate strategy, bring technical know-how to the team and develop creative brand enhancers for multiple digital channels including social platforms.

  • Communication. We look to help connect people, enthuse brands, and strengthen relationships. We can help with brand positioning, creative development, brand experience, communication planning and implementation ensuring effectiveness

  • CRM. The central pillar of revenue streams. Customer segmentation, modeling, and insight. Customer value proposition and loyalty. Creative development and optimization.

  • Data Science. Using data to understand human behavior. We have an analytical approach to understand empathy and anticipate market movements. We look to identify insights and create customer data clouds. Understanding the numbers will unlock opportunities.


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