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Royal Greyhound is a registered employment agency in Singapore (License Number: 11C5488) and is a professional organization that connect job seekers with potential employers.


Serving as intermediaries between individuals looking for work and businesses seeking to hire
employees, w
e play a crucial role in the job market by facilitating the hiring process and
matching qualified candidates with suitable job opportunities.

1. Job Placement: By maintaining databases of available job openings and working closely with employers to understand their staffing needs, we help job seekers find suitable employment opportunities based on their skills, qualifications, and career goals.
2. Candidate Screening: Applicants are evaluated through a rigorous screening process.
We review resumes, conduct interviews, and may administer skill tests or assessments to
assess candidates suitability for specific roles. This screening process ensures that only qualified candidates are presented to employers.
3. Temporary or Contract Staffing: We provide temporary or contract staffing solutions. This
flexibility benefits both employers and job seekers.
4. Permanent Placements: In addition to temporary staffing, we also assist with permanent
placements. We identify candidates who match the specific requirements of full-time
positions within organizations and facilitate the hiring process on behalf of the employer.
5. Industry-Specific Expertise: We specialise in Port Operations, Logistics and Construction
6. Post-Placement Support: Once a candidate is placed in a job, we can also provide ongoing
support if required. Conducting follow-up meetings or check-ins to ensure job satisfaction and addressing any concerns or issues that may arise.

Overall, our services streamline the hiring process for both job seekers and employers. We
leverage our expertise, networks, and industry knowledge to bridge the gap

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Employment Services

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