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RG Accelerate Press Release

Royal Greyhound Pte Ltd has established a new subsidiary, RG Accelerate Sdn Bhd, a creative and consulting company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. RG Accelerate provides services which encompasses brand development, digital and online marketing and creative services.

“We take brand-orientated projects from concept through to launch and beyond. Integrate the power of ideas with new creative approach to create exciting campaigns both online and offline that helps companies stand out from the competition and accelerate” said Charles Reed, Chief Executive Officer of Royal Greyhound. Reed further added that “RG Accelerate is equipped with the expertise and technology in digital marketing to keep up with the constant change in the state of technology and with the new subsidiary it can better service its clients and broaden its talent base”.

RG Accelerate Sdn Bhd is servicing various companies in different industries such as healthcare, agriculture and seafood processing, beauty and wellness, biotechnology and financial services. RG Accelerate is looking to expand its services to more industries with value-added support such as technical expertise and responsive client-servicing.

About Royal Greyhound

Based in Singapore, Royal Greyhound Pte Ltd was established in 1980 and is a successful modern business process outsourcing group. The Royal Greyhound Group specializes in a broad range of services; including logistics, recruiting, training, security, employment agency and digital media.

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